Function: Aerial Recon

An aerial reconnaissance expert, Airazor's optical matrix scanners can detect Predacon ground movement from 30,000 feet. Internal radar transmitters then relay data to fellow Maximals, complete with 3-D virtual reality maps detailing enemy location. Cyberblades located within wings open for attack mode. And although (the) photon cannon concealed beneath tail is her weapon of choice in robot mode, she prefers attacking Predacons with her armor slashing, titanium-plated talons!

Tech Specs data for Airazor
Strength: 4Intelligence: 7
Speed: 9Endurance: 5
Rank: 6Courage: 7
Firepower: 4Skill: 7

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Airazor Toy Information

Airazor toy information.
Japanese Name Airazor
ID # C-10
Release Status
Release Date (1997)
Wave Beast Wars Basic Wave 3
Original Price $4.99
Size Class Basic
Suggested Age 5+

Beast Wars Airazor (VHS Video Pack), Beast Wars Japan Airazor

Filed Under Beast Wars Maximals
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Airazor Parts Information

Airazor parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Brown/Tan
Gun Yellow/Gold

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