Function: Desert Combat

To reduce thermal energy intake, infrared vision allows Armordillo to battle at night, when the desert battlefield has cooled. His back bears the burden of a built-in suit of armor that is virtually impenetrable. Enemy artillery bounces off like pebbles, while his own hidden laser weapon causes devastating damage to Predacon attackers.

Tech Specs data for Armordillo
Strength: 5Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4Endurance: 7
Rank: 6Courage: 8
Firepower: 4Skill: 7

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Armordillo Toy Information

Armordillo toy information.
Japanese Name Armor
ID # VS-X1
Release Status
Release Date (1996)
Wave Beast Wars Basic Wave 2
Original Price $4.99
Size Class Basic
Suggested Age 5+

Beast Wars Japan Armor, Beast Wars Neo Bump, Robots Masters Psycho Orb

Filed Under Beast Wars Maximals
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Armordillo Parts Information

Armordillo parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Orange
Gun Grey/Silver
Other Grey/Silver
Additional Part Info

Front legs become weapons - one becomes a gun, the other a flail.

Armordillo Additional Info

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