Autobot Drift (Deluxe)


Autobot Drift used to fight for the Decepticons. Now he wields his swords against them, alongside the heroic Autobots!

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Autobot Drift (Deluxe) Toy Information

Autobot Drift (Deluxe) toy information.
Autobot Drift
Release Status
Release Date May 2014 (2014)
Wave Generations Age of Extinction Deluxe Wave 2
Original Price $14.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 8+
Assortment Number A6508
Product Number A7813

Movie Advanced Drift, Age of Extinction Drift (Autobots United)

Filed Under AOE Autobots
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Variants Info

The original version that shipped with wave 2 has the front vents in the same colors as the surrounding areas (dark blue/purple for the upper vents, light blue/teal for the lower vents). The variant apparently ships with wave 2.5 (Lockdown's wave) and has the vents painted over in black. Original has the date code 40941 stamped into the cardback and the toy itself, variant has 41641.

Additional Toy Info

Toy revealed when a list of upcoming product was accidentally posted on Hasbro's customer services website.

Autobot Drift (Deluxe) Parts Information

Autobot Drift (Deluxe) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Blue
Sword Yellow/Gold

Autobot Drift (Deluxe) Additional Info

Alternate mode is a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse.

His codename during the production of the toy line was "Bruce"

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