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Autobot Hound might only be a single soldier, but he prices himself on being able to do the jobs of ten. Whether the objective is a tactical deployment, recon mission, or infiltration and sabotage, Hound can get the job done. Heavily armored, he isn't about to back down from an all-out firefight if one comes his way. Some bots might see that versatility as showing off. To Hound, it's all in the line of duty.

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Autobot Hound Toy Information

Autobot Hound toy information.
Autobot Hound
Release Status
Release Date May 2014 (2014)
Wave Generations Age of Extinction Voyager Wave 2
Original Price $24.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 8+
Assortment Number A6513
Product Number A7946

Movie Advanced Hound, Age of Extinction Hound (Autobots United), Movie Advanced Hound (Amazon)

Filed Under AOE Autobots
Additional Themes
Additional Toy Info

Toy revealed when a list of upcoming product was accidentally posted on Hasbro's customer services website.

Autobot Hound Parts Information

Autobot Hound parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Green
Gun Grey/Silver
Sword Grey/Silver
Additional Part Info

Comes with a small arsenal of weapons including a triple barreled chaingun, a knife, two pistols, and two shotgun-esque weapons.

Autobot Hound Additional Info

Autobot Hound's alternate mode is one of the family of Medium Tactical Vehicles from Oshkosh Defense.

His codename during the production of the toy line was "Duke"

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