Function: Demolitions Expert, Jungle Warrior

Temperamental and solitary. Bantor relishes his Fuzor animalian fusion. Enhanced by the attributes of a baboon's and tiger's instincts, he is a natural warrior in total flux with the ways of combat. Extremely versatile, Bantor combines the cunning patience of a tiger with the near-demented frenzy of a baboon, deleting the need for ammunition in close-range combat. Optimal Optimus' first choice for recon demolition in missions. Bantor can traverse deep into Predacon territory and escape undetected. Largely unknown by the enemy, his reputation for setting undetectable traps exceeds his identity, though his power-ram head and right hook are widely considered devastating.

Tech Specs data for Bantor
Strength: 6Intelligence: 9
Speed: 6Endurance: 7
Rank: 5Courage: 9
Firepower: 4Skill: 8

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Bantor Toy Information

Bantor toy information.
Release Status
Release Date (1998)
Wave Beast Wars Fuzors Basic Wave 2
Original Price $4.99
Size Class Basic
Suggested Age 5+
Filed Under Beast Wars Fuzor Maximals
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Bantor Parts Information

Bantor parts information.
Figure Type
Mixed Animal Form
Figure Color Orange

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