Baro (Shadow Arms Micron)

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Baro (Shadow Arms Micron) Toy Information

Baro (Shadow Arms Micron) toy information.
Shadow Baro
Release Status
Release Date April 2012 (2012)
Wave Shadow Arms Micron Present Campaign

Prime Arms Micron Baro, Prime Arms Micron Baro G, Prime Arms Micron Baro Silver Metal Version

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Additional Toy Info

All ARMS series Microns have Energon Crystals, and Shadow Microns are equipped with "Fake Dark Energon" Energon crystal.

Shadow Baro was available with a purchase of over ¥3,000 worth of Transformers Prime products at Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera and Edion Group stores.

Baro (Shadow Arms Micron) Parts Information

Baro (Shadow Arms Micron) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Black

Baro (Shadow Arms Micron) Additional Info

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