Barricade has been deactivated more times than he can count, but it has all been in service to Megatron. His leader gives him the opportunity to hunt, and that is all he asks. He will gladly suffer a thousand deactivations, as long as he is given leave to stalk his prey.

Tech Specs data for Barricade
Strength: 8Intelligence: 5
Speed: 8Endurance: 6
Rank: 5Courage: 5
Firepower: 5Skill: 4

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Barricade Toy Information

Barricade toy information.
Release Status
Release Date April 2011 (2011)
Wave Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Series 1
Original Price $4.99
Size Class Legion
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 28698
Product Number 28762
UPC 653569588382

Movie Legends Barricade, Movie Legends Recon Barricade, Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Barricade (Cybertronian Warriors)

Filed Under Cyberverse Decepticons
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Barricade Parts Information

Barricade parts information.
Figure Type
Emergency Vehicle
Figure Color White

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