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There was a time when BLUESTREAK talked non-stop, about anything that occurred to him. The long war has made him more thoughtful, and now he usually keeps his mouth shut and lets his swords do his talking for him.

Vehicle Data
Max Speed - 7
Horsepower - 8
Ramming Power - 8
Armor - 7

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Bluestreak Toy Information

Bluestreak toy information.
Release Status
Release Date November 2010 (2010)
Wave Transformers Speed Stars Mini Vehicles Wave 3
Original Price $2.99
Size Class Speed Stars Mini Vehicle
Suggested Age 3+
Assortment Number 26981
Product Number 26895
UPC 653569537229

Revenge of the Fallen RPMs Sideswipe (Speed Series), Revenge of the Fallen RPMs Sideswipe (Two-Pack), Revenge of the Fallen RPMs Allspark Sideswipe, Speed Stars Metal Heroes Sideswipe, Speed Stars Two-Pack Sideswipe

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Bluestreak Parts Information

Bluestreak parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Blue

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