BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue

Cybertrons, Binaltech
Function: Military Strategist

As the leading Autobot to possess a logical evaluation ability, Prowl is able to immediately analyze and advise any situation no matter how complex it might seem. Because of this ability, he has become one of the most valuable resources in a world where history manipulation threats were exposed. Due to an unforeseen incident during his GT installation process, the “Laser Core”, the source of his life force, was lost. But thanks to the help of a courageous human, a new life force was breathed in. Retaining all his prowess, profound devotion, gentle manners and his infinite endurance, he prepares to guide the Autobots and their allies against the evil that conspires behind the temporary peace.

BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue Images

BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue Toy Information

BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue toy information.
Japanese Name Prowl
ID # BT-15
Release Status
Release Date July 2005 (2005)
Original Price ¥4,980
Size Class Binaltech

BT-15 Prowl (Police version), Alternator Prowl, Alternator Camshaft

Filed Under Binaltech Cybertrons
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BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue Parts Information

BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Blue
Engine Grey/Silver
Gun Grey/Silver
Sword Red/Pink
Additional Part Info

Engine/Acid Pellet Gun (x1), Blight stick (x1).

BT-15 Prowl – Honda Integra Type-R Blue Additional Info


The Body Shop Project is a plan that utilizes the GT technology to create duplicates of a TF, thus achieving the objective of significantly increasing the survival rates of the Autobot warriors. The BT-15 model, built by Honda, was initially designed to become Prowl’s duplicate body, “Prowl 2”, in the aforementioned Body Shop project (*). However, because the original body was destroyed before the GT network was activated, the BT-15 model now functions as his Primary Unit.

In vehicle mode, the exterior has been programmed with police car patterns from police forces worldwide, allowing him to change his appearance if needed. In addition, utilizing functional plastics, the interior can be modified as well.

Equipped weapon is a semi automatic Acid Pellet Gun that fires continuous shots of powerful acid rounds. The Blight Stick, used for hand to hand combat, allows instant immobilization of an enemy with a disruptor surge infusion.

BT-15 “GHS” unit is a blue bodied civilian car. The BT-15 was developed to be a Generic Host Shell that allowed no limitations in regards to the type of user. Normally, it will be on standby as Prowl’s backup GT unit, but if situation requires, it can be reactivated as emergency duplicate for other Autobot warriors such as Streak or Tracks.


While investigation for remaining Decepticons continued in various regions of the universe, on Earth, the production of the duplicate shells was progressing: likewise, the transplantation of each Autobot personality data was nearing a finish under the Body Shop Project. Meanwhile, an emergency comm link was received from Prowl who was investigating Decepticon activity near the rings or Saturn, stating a situation of heavy enemy pursuits. “His fated scenario has begun,” sensed Wheejack. Though reluctant due to the long distance, he decided to activate the GT system, successfully transferring Prowl’s life core into subspace, the very moment enemy forces led by Laserwave, breached the spaceship’s hull, attacking Prowl. But just when they thought it was safe, due to the unstable nature of the subspace link, the connection was suddenly severed and Prowl’s separated core unit signal lost! Unable to do anything to locate the lost core, Wheeljack was overcome with helplessness. The next day, Chip Chase thought back, in front of the BT unit once meant for Prowl. “20 years ago, we met up through your online communication. Your battle computer was damaged, and I substituted-“ Suddenly, something flashed across Chip’s mind. “Your knowledge and your personality are already installed within this unit. If that’s the case…” Calling Wheeljack and Ratchet, he said, “I believe that some day he will come back. But right now, the world needs Prowl’s capabilities. Therefore, let us light this unit with the spark of life. Please initiate preparation for mind transfer.”

(Bio, system description and story translations originally from Fan to Fan website.)

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