This giant ATV is the muscle of the Autobots. But Bulkhead's actually kind of sensitive -- as Miko learns when she bonds with him. At first he was a little afraid of hurting his tiny partner, but Miko helped him get over that. Now she even pushes him to do things that sometimes get him into trouble. But when Miko's in danger, Bulkhead's there to protect her.

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Bulkhead Toy Information

Bulkhead toy information.
Release Status
Release Date December 2011 (2011)
Wave Transformers Prime Voyagers Wave 1
Original Price $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 36490
Product Number 36491

Prime Japan First Edition Bulkhead, Generations Brawn, Cloud Brawn

Filed Under TF Prime FE Autobots
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Additional Toy Info

Initially released in small numbers at Canadian and Asian retail. A limited second run was available in April / May 2012 through Asian retailers.

A Toys R Us exclusive "second run" of the First Edition Voyagers was announced at SDCC 2012. Online stores got their stocks in October 2012, and Toys R Us got their stock in stores in early December 2012.

Bulkhead Parts Information

Bulkhead parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Green
Other Grey/Silver

Bulkhead Additional Info

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