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Convoy Trailer (Animation Colors) Toy Information

Convoy Trailer (Animation Colors) toy information.
Buggy, Convoy Trailer (Animation Version)
Release Status
Release Date June 2004 (2004)
Wave Worlds Smallest Transformers Wave 2.5
Original Price ¥380

Worlds Smallest Transformers Convoy Trailer, Target Exclusive Mini Optimus Prime (Unreleased)

Filed Under Takara WST Cybertrons
Additional Themes,
Additional Toy Info

Chase item from the final wave of Worlds Smallest Transformers. It was a "secret chase" item, which were limited to 1 per master case (a 1 in 48 chance of getting either Animation Colors Convoy Trailer or Thundercracker)

Convoy Trailer (Animation Colors) Parts Information

Convoy Trailer (Animation Colors) parts information.
Figure Type
City/Fort/Battle Station
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Other Blue

Convoy Trailer (Animation Colors) Additional Info

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