This Autobot paratrooper has a knack for catching his enemies by surprise, either by dropping in from above, or with a lightning-fast draw of his Sidearm Blasters.

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Crosshairs Toy Information

Crosshairs toy information.
Release Status
Release Date May 2014 (2014)
Wave Generations Age of Extinction Deluxe Wave 1
Original Price $14.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 4+
Assortment Number A6508
Product Number A6510

Movie Advanced Crosshairs, Lucky Draw Crosshairs, Age of Extinction Crosshairs (Autobots United), Age of Extinction Generations Hot Shot

Filed Under AOE Autobots
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Additional Toy Info

Toy revealed when a list of upcoming product was accidentally posted on Hasbro's customer services website.

Crosshairs Parts Information

Crosshairs parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Green
Gun Black

Crosshairs Additional Info

Alternate mode is a 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray concept.

Initially rumored to be named Slingshot. A leaked call sheet in August 2013 first dropped the name Crosshairs, at the same time that the Corvette Stingray was on the set of the film's shooting, leading to the assumption that the character was named Crosshairs. The leak of a list of upcoming products in late October 2013 confirmed the name Crosshairs, with Slingshot being the codename / a placeholder name during production.

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