Function: Criminal Overlord
"Always know what your allies and enemies choose to ignore"

Cryotek is one of the most deadly and mysterious figures in the history of Cybertron's criminal underworld. Though he was once considered one of the planet's most gifted engineers, Cryotek became increasingly dissatisfied with the actions of the Predacon ruling class - leaders who he felt had too quickly abandoned the classical Decepticon philosophies of conquest and deceit. Relying on the more illicit opportunities available to a being of his considerable skills and intellect, Cryotek eventually became one of the most dangerous outlaws on Cybertron - one more than willing to apply his scientific talents to the less-than-noble pursuits of extortion, theft, and criminal mayhem. Cryotek's logical mind and pragmatic bent have made him an extremely successful gangster, one who approaches each new "business venture" with the discipline of a trained researcher. Nevertheless, Cryotek does find the time to take great pleasure in his work.

Tech Specs data for Cryotek
Strength: 8Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8Endurance: 8
Rank: 9Courage: 7
Firepower: 8Skill: 9

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Cryotek Toy Information

Cryotek toy information.
Release Status
Release Date January 2002 (2002)
Size Class Ultra
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 29406

Beast Wars Transmetal II "Dragon" Megatron, Beast Wars Metals Dragon Megatron

Filed Under RID Predacons
Additional Themes
Additional Toy Info

Cyrotek was a Target Exclusive in 2002.

The Japanese version of Cryotek, released by Takara, contains an added bonus of a blue figurine sitting inside the spark chamber. This was in the original design plans for TM2 Megatron on which this mold is based, calling for a personified spark. The Japanese release is otherwise indentical to the stateside version save for this addition.

Cryotek Parts Information

Cryotek parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Blue
Missile Blue
Additional Part Info

3 X Missiles

Cryotek Additional Info

Cryotek's packaging did not include a bio for the toy. The official BotCon website, however, included a full bio for the character based on the style of the Marvel More than Meets the Eye profiles, which incorporated elements of the unused Bio and Tech Specs from the toy. The first paragraph is represented here, the rest can be read at the official Botcon site:

Cyrotek has made no on-screen appearances, however, he has seen considerable use in fiction produced by the conventions and Collector's Club. In the fan-made film, Theft of the Golden Disk, Cryotek is shown as the mastermind behind the theft of the disk, until Megatron betrays him and he is arrested. He is left asking to speak to his lawyer as Megatron blasts off on board the Darksyde and into the Beast Wars.

Cyrotek, and his partner Kro, would also appear in 3H's The Wreckers comics and Fun Publication's text story "The Wreckers Finale II".

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