Function: Ocean Attack

Just when the Predacons thought it was safe to go back in the water... Cybershark rises to the surface for a fearsome feeding frenzy! Like a turbo-charged torpedo speeding through the sea, Cybershark searches the ocean depths for Predacon enemies. Upon finding the enemy he launches his robotic hammerhead to knock'em out cold, then finishes the job in robot mode by filleting his prey with his switch blade tail!

Tech Specs data for Cybershark
Strength: 7Intelligence: 5
Speed: 8Endurance: 5
Rank: 6Courage: 9
Firepower: 5Skill: 4

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Cybershark Toy Information

Cybershark toy information.
Japanese Name Cybershark
ID # C-11
Release Status
Release Date (1997)
Wave Beast Wars Deluxe Wave 3
Original Price $9.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
UPC 0 76281 80304 3

Beast Wars Japan Cybershark, Beast Wars Second Hellscream, Beast Wars Neo Sharpedge, Universe Overbite

Filed Under Beast Wars Maximals
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Cybershark Parts Information

Cybershark parts information.
Figure Type
Fish/Sea Based
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Missile White
Other Grey/Silver
Additional Part Info

1 x hammerhead shark head missile
1 x shark tail blade
2 x missiles

Cybershark Additional Info

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