Function: Warrior
"Talk all you want, loser. The only sound you make that I'll listen to is a death rattle."

Dirge always had a mean side, but with his new lease on life his desire to end the lives of others has grown. After all, now he knows for certain that there's nothing there when you go offline. He thinks about it a lot, that nothingness. Every time he blasts another living creature into atoms, it gives his turbine blades a little thrill to imagine that life just blinking out and being gone forever.

Tech Specs data for Dirge
Strength: 8Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8Endurance: 6
Rank: 5Courage: 4
Firepower: 8Skill: 9

Dirge Images

Dirge Toy Information

Dirge toy information.
Release Status
Release Date June 2007 (2007)
Multipack Name Botcon 2007 Games of Deception
Size Class Deluxe

Classics Ramjet, Botcon 2007 Thrust, Henkei Ramjet, Henkei Thrust, Henkei Dirge, Generations Thrust, Generations Dirge, Asia Exclusive Seeker Set Elite Ramjet, Asia Exclusive Seeker Set Elite Dirge, Asia Exclusive Seeker Set Elite Thrust

Filed Under Convention Exclusives
Additional Themes, , ,
Variants Info

Available both boxed with the other exclusives, and loose in a plastic bag.

Additional Toy Info

The mold was modified from Classics Starscream / Skywarp / Thundercracker, and was further modified to make Classics Thrust.

Dirge Parts Information

Dirge parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Blue
Missile Black
Missile Launcher Black

Dirge Additional Info

Dirge was a member of Bugbite's crew on Earth. Ironically, the death obsessed Decepticon found himself slain during the final firefight at the end of the issue.


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