Heroic Decepticons
Function: Aerial Combat
"Soar above those who would bring you down."

Divebomb was a daydreamer who would often come up with brilliant theories as he stared happily at the sky. When the war came, his only escape from its horrors would be to dream of a better time, both in the past and future, when destruction would not be a part of his every day existence. There is a deep sadness inside Divebomb's Ember that he masks with a cheerful exterior. He understands his importance in the Decepticon / Autobot conflict and never wants his personal sorrow to affect anyone else. The only time he will let his true feelings show are when he is alone, soaring above the world in the sky that he could once only dream about touching.

Tech Specs data for Divebomb
Strength: 6Intelligence: 7
Speed: 9Endurance: 6
Rank: 5Courage: 8
Firepower: 5Skill: 8

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Divebomb Toy Information

Divebomb toy information.
Release Status
Release Date April 2008 (2008)
Multipack Name Botcon 2008 Rodimus & Megatron Souvenir Set
Size Class Mini-con

Classics Mini-con Dreadwing, Universe Longview, Bic Camera Wedge Shape

Filed Under Convention Exclusives
Additional Themes, ,
Additional Toy Info

Available in a bagged set with Rodimus and Megatron at Botcon 2008.

Divebomb Parts Information

Divebomb parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Orange

Divebomb Additional Info

Divebomb took part in the bombing mission against the evil Optimus Prime's Ark warship, dropping the glass gas bombs that would weaken the launch pad enough to allow the rest of the Decepticons to destroy it. Later, during the battle, he attacked the mighty Grimlock with his Predacon brothers.


Transformers Timelines #3: Shattered Glass

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