Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack)


Arcee and her sisters have hunted Sideways before, and he has always escaped. The three Autobots had to beg Optimus Prime for another chance to bring him down.

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Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack) Toy Information

Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack) toy information.
Release Status
Multipack Name Hunt for the Decepticons Sideways Sneak Attack
Original Price $19.99
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 19995
Product Number 19995

Revenge of the Fallen Legends Arcee, Transformers Legends Arcee (Sideways Sneak Attack), Transformers Legends Chromia (Sideways Sneak Attack)

Filed Under HFTD Legends Autobots
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Sold as a part of the store exclusive Sideways Sneak Attack scene pack in the US.

Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack) Parts Information

Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Purple

Elita-1 (Sideways Sneak Attack) Additional Info

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