Fortress Maximus

Function: Cybertron City

As Fortress Maximus never saw a US release, he has no official bio. Shown here is the bio for the Japanese "Brave Maximus" version.

The warrior Plasma transforms into head mode and combines with Cybertron City's Master Brain to form the warrior Brave. He fully understands and trusts his fellow Cybertron fighters. When Brave calls out "Transform!" and changes into head mode, the ground splits asunder with a mighty roar, and Cybertron City changes into a colossal Transformer 350 m tall. His ultimate deathblow attack, the "Final Burn," fires off all his cannons at once, enveloping the surface it strikes in white light and annihilating evil. When he transforms into the Super dreadnought-Class Battleship Maximus, he can carry Cybertron warriors and use the Space Cybertron Net to travel between fixed stars at the speed of light.

Tech Specs data for Fortress Maximus
Strength: 10Intelligence: 9
Speed: 10+Endurance: 9
Rank: 10Courage: 10
Firepower: 10+Skill: 10

Fortress Maximus Images

Fortress Maximus Toy Information

Fortress Maximus toy information.
Cerebros, Emissary, Fortress Maximus
Japanese Name Brave, Brave Maximus, Plasma
ID # C-027
Release Status

Generation 1 Fortress Maximus, Super God Masterforce Grand Maximus, Car Robots Brave Maximus, Encore Fortress Maximus

Filed Under RID Autobots
Additional Themes
Variants Info

The Korean release has the sticker on the main tower applied upside down.

A limited run of "Lucky Draw" Maximuses included all their weapons, the general release version only had Cerebros' gun and the radar dish.

Fortress Maximus Parts Information

Fortress Maximus parts information.
Figure Type
City/Fort/Battle Station, Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue
Gun Black
Ramp Grey/Silver
Other Blue

Fortress Maximus Additional Info

Brave Maximus was considered by Hasbro for an exclusive online order, possibly using unsold Japanese stock, but he was never released because the toy could not meet safety requirements specifically the drop test, which specified that any toy dropped from a height of six feet or more should not break into sharp, jagged pieces - a requirement that this gigantic Transformer could not meet.

Other Comic Overview

The Japanese Kiss Players manga expands on Brave Maximus / Fortress Maximus' role on Earth, explaining that Primus himself placed him there in order to seal the Angolmois energy, which was the essence of Unicron who had been defeated at the dawn of time, and would only break free billions of years later when he would reduce Earth to wilderness once more, and the Destron Galvatron would try to claim his power during the Beast Wars Second series.

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