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Fortress Maximus Toy Information

Fortress Maximus toy information.
Cerebros, Cog, Fortress, Fortress Maximus, Gasket, Grommet
ID # 23
Release Status
Release Date March 2013 (2013)

Generation 1 Fortress Maximus, Masterforce Grand Maximus, Car Robots Brave Maximus, Robots In Disguise Fortress Maximus (unreleased)

Filed Under Encore Cybertrons
Additional Themes, , ,
Additional Toy Info

Reissue of the biggest Transformer of them all. Long dreamed of, it will finally see a release in March 2013.

Fortress Maximus Parts Information

Fortress Maximus parts information.
Figure Type
City/Fort/Battle Station
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Grey/Silver, Red/Pink
Other Red/Pink

Fortress Maximus Additional Info

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