Function: Emperor of Destruction

He is cold hearted with a cruel character, and for his own ambition, will sacrifice friends. Greatly feared within the Destron army.

Ability: Is the new leader of the Destrons, and is proud of his physical strength and intellect, which stand out.

Weapon: Laser Cannon Gun

Tech Specs data for Galvatron
Strength: 10Intelligence: 9
Speed: 9Endurance: 10
Rank: 9Courage: 9
Firepower: 9Skill: 10

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Galvatron Toy Information

Galvatron toy information.
ID # D-06
Release Status
Release Date November 2008 (2008)
Original Price ¥2,200

Universe Galvatron, Lucky Draw Henkei Galvatron, Universe Challenge at Cybertron Galvatron, E-Hobby United Galvatron, Asia Exclusive Generations Galvatron

Filed Under Henkei Destrons
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Galvatron Parts Information

Galvatron parts information.
Figure Type
Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Missile Orange

Galvatron Additional Info

In the included pack-in comic, Galvatron is depicted as a power-up for Megatron - when Megatron ingests a special type of Energon, he temporarily upgrades into Galvatron, reverting after a short period.

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