Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron)


Galvatron has formed what was once a loose confederation of assassins and warlords into an army capable of threatening the entire universe. Cyclonus wields enough might to sterilize the surface of an entire world by himself. Together, they face off against Rodimus, a brave but inexperienced Autobot.

Tech Specs data for Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron)
Strength: 10Intelligence: 9
Speed: 9Endurance: 10
Rank: 9Courage: 9
Firepower: 9Skill: 10

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Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron) Toy Information

Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron) toy information.
Release Status
Release Date August 2010 (2010)
Multipack Name Universe Challenge at Cybertron Three Pack
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+

Universe Galvatron, Henkei Galvatron, Lucky Draw Henkei Galvatron, E-Hobby United Galvatron, Asia Exclusive Generations Galvatron

Filed Under Universe Classics 2.0 Decepticons
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This version of Galvatron, sporting colors inspired by his appearance as Hot Rod in the 1980s TV series, was sold as a part of the Challenge at Cybertron three pack with Rodimus and Cyclonus. It was available exclusively as a raffle prize at Auto Assembly 2010 in the UK, and at the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) material-entertainment fair held on 30th July to 3rd August, 2010 in Hong Kong.

Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron) Parts Information

Galvatron (Challenge at Cybertron) parts information.
Figure Type
Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Missile Orange

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