Function: Scout
"Observe everything, remember even more."

Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Brave, fearless, loyal. Secretly desires to be human. Uses turret gun as radar scope, infrared radiation collector. Tracks machines as well as humans. Hologram gun projects 3-dimensional grid laser-light topographical maps. Vulnerable to thermal and electromagnetic interference.

Tech Specs data for Hound
Strength: 5Intelligence: 8
Speed: 5Endurance: 7
Rank: 6Courage: 10
Firepower: 3Skill: 9

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Hound Toy Information

Hound toy information.
Japanese Name Hound
ID # 2
Release Status
Release Date (1984)
Assortment Number Cars Assortment1 (#5750), Cars Assortment3 (#5766)
Product Number 5753E
Per Case 1

Transformers Collection Hound


E-Hobby Detritus

Filed Under 1984 Autobots
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Hound Parts Information

Hound parts information.
Figure Type
Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Green
Gun Grey/Silver
Missile Grey/Silver
Missile Launcher Grey/Silver
Tire Black
Other Green
Additional Part Info

3 Silver Missles, 1 Missle Launcher with green trim, 2 Silver Guns, Black wheel cover, Green cannister.

Hound Additional Info

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