Function: Heavy Munitions

Ironhide is always ready for anything, as long as "anything" involves a fight. Surly, tough and spoiling for battle, Ironhide has made a career out of blasting Decepticons to pieces. His laser-proof armor makes him a tough opponent for even the most powerful warriors.

Tech Specs data for Ironhide
Strength: 9Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4Endurance: 10
Rank: 8Courage: 8
Firepower: 7Skill: 6

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Ironhide Toy Information

Ironhide toy information.
Japanese Name Ironhide
ID # EZ-11
Release Status
Release Date April 2012 (2012)
Wave Prime Cyberverse Commanders Wave 2
Original Price $7.99
Size Class Commander
UPC 653569722441

Prime Japan EZ Collection Ironhide, Beast Hunters Cyberverse Trailcutter, Beast Hunters Cyberverse Huffer

Filed Under TF Prime Cyberverse Autobots
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Ironhide Parts Information

Ironhide parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Red/Pink
Gun Blue

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Contributors: flywheels, Transformed Sol Fury

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