Function: Security Expert
"I want to show them what a good student I was."

Kick-Over's combat training was earned in an unconventional manner. As a prisoner held by the Decepticons at Polyhex, Kick-Over was forced to fight his fellow Autobot prisoners in the gladiatorial arena fondly referred to as "The Greasepit" by his captors. There he gained in-depth knowledge and experience through intense hand-to-hand combat; itwas learn fast of be terminated. When a power struggle arose among the Decepticon rulers at Darkmount, Kick-Over used the distraction to lead his fellow prisoners to freedom. His experiences in the gladiatorial pit have never left his processors, as even now he overheats when he thinks of pursuing his revenge against his jailers. His distrust of Decepticons extends to anyone wearing the emblem, regardless of their universe of origin. Amplifiers on his back combine with his sonic blaster to create deadly vibrations capable of shaking apart the molecular bonds of solid matter.

Tech Specs data for Kick-Over
Strength: 9Intelligence: 6
Speed: 3Endurance: 9
Rank: 6Courage: 9
Firepower: 6Skill: 8

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Kick-Over Toy Information

Kick-Over toy information.
Release Status
Release Date April 2012 (2012)
Multipack Name Botcon 2012 Souvenir Set 1 - Kick-Over and Optimus Prime
Original Price $95
Size Class Deluxe

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Additional Toy Info

Sold in a 2 pack with Shattered Glass G2 Optimus Prime. Name is given on the baggie as "Kick Off", his name in Generation 1 which is also what he is referred to in the comic, even though he is called Kick-Over on the packaging.

Kick-Over Parts Information

Kick-Over parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Black
Gun Orange
Other Orange

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