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Leo Dux toy information.
Leo Dux
ID # R-04
Release Status
Release Date March 2014 (2014)
Filed Under Mastermind Creations
Additional Themes, ,
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Made by Mastermind Creations.

Unofficial version update version of Generation 1 Razorclaw. Combines with Mastermind's other Feralcons to form Feral Rex, an unofficial take on Predaking.

Leo Dux Additional Info

The name "Leo Dux" derives from Latin. Leo means lion, while Dux means a leader or commander of soldiers, and is the route of the English word Duke. Dux has certain negative connotations due to its use as the title of World War II Italian dictator Mussolini, making it a good fit for an evil robot. The full name literally means "Lion Duke", a possible play on "Lion King".

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