Omega Sentinel

"When in battle, a superior tactician employs logic and reason to achieve victory. "

Omega Sentinel, like Omega Supreme, is one of the legendary Guardians of Cybertron. He is commander of the Guardians, who feels that his only purpose is to protect and defend. His primary programming has made him a stoic figure devoid of emotion. He will analyze a battle situation using logic and, when necessary, brute strength. Although Omega Sentinel is highly respected by his fellow Guardians, he is often classified as boring and overly-technical. He believes that these qualities are a tactical key to victory when battling the Decepticon forces.

Tech Specs data for Omega Sentinel
Strength: 9Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6Endurance: 6
Rank: 4Courage: 10
Firepower: 8Skill: 8

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Omega Sentinel Toy Information

Omega Sentinel toy information.
Omega Sentinel
Release Status
Release Date November 2004 (2004)
Wave Energon Supreme Wave 3
Original Price $49.99
Size Class Supreme
Assortment Number 80344
Product Number 80279

Energon Omega Supreme, Super Link Omega Supreme, Lucky Draw Omega Supreme, Platinum Series Omega Supreme

Filed Under Energon Autobots
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Omega Sentinel Parts Information

Omega Sentinel parts information.
Figure Type
Boat, Train
Figure Color Blue
Head Red/Pink
Missile Red/Pink

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