If ONSLAUGHT enters into direct combat, it's only because something has gone wrong with his battle plan. He prefers to remain on the sidelines of a fight, directing the action and revising his tactics second by second. Nothing gives him joy as much as a well-executed ambush, or the swift, organized destruction of an AUTOBOT base. When he must get involved in a fight himself, he does so with cold fury, advancing meticulously across the battlefield with his fire focused on the most dangerous opponent. Every variable in a fight is taken into account in his mind, every possibility assessed, and every contingency planned for.

Tech Specs data for Onslaught
Strength: 8Intelligence: 8
Speed: 3Endurance: 7
Rank: 7Courage: 8
Firepower: 8Skill: 9

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Onslaught Toy Information

Onslaught toy information.
Release Status
Release Date October 2008 (2008)
Original Price ¥4,500

Universe Onslaught, Universe Hardhead, Botcon 2010 Clench

Filed Under Henkei Destrons
Additional Themes
Additional Toy Info

Sold as a "USA Edition", the box was the same as the US release except for the addition of stickers to denote the special status. Because of this, all bio information is effectively the same as the US version.

Onslaught himself features more Generation 1 accurate paint applications.

Onslaught Parts Information

Onslaught parts information.
Figure Type
Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Green
Shield/Pole Green

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