Optimus Prime (Combat Hero)

Autobots, Hero
Function: Autobot Leader
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Optimus Prime is the strongest and wisest of all Autobots. His role is to protect all life in the fight to defeat the Decepticons. This all-powerful leader gathers information on his enemies from up to 1200 miles away and relays this information to his fellow Autobots. His brain center gives all the combat orders, but he isn't one to stay out of the battle himself. With his powerful rocket blaster he is both a respected commander, and feared warrior.

Tech Specs data for Optimus Prime (Combat Hero)
Strength: 9Intelligence: 10
Speed: 8Endurance: 9
Rank: 10Courage: 8
Firepower: 10Skill: 9

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Optimus Prime (Combat Hero) Toy Information

Optimus Prime (Combat Hero) toy information.
Optimus Prime
Japanese Name Convoy
Release Status
Release Date (1994)
Product Number 80147
UPC 0 38976 80147 5

Destructicon Scourge, Unreleased Blue Combat Hero Optimus Prime

Filed Under 1994 G2 Autobots
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Variants Info

Sold in some parts of Europe and the UK as Sureshot, with the Optimus Prime chest stickers replaced with blank, "neutral" ones.

Additional Toy Info

Also known as Sureshot in some parts of Europe.

"War is a problem - never a solution!"

Sureshot is the ultimate protector. Awesome and cunning, his bravery is a legend among the Autobots. As a robot, he stalks his enemy with laser guided rockets, and as a battle wagon he storms the Decepticon ranks. In defense or attack, this Autobot will bring victory!

Optimus Prime (Combat Hero) Parts Information

Optimus Prime (Combat Hero) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Red/Pink
Gun White
Additional Part Info

2 X white missiles with soft red tips, 1 X blue rifle / handgun. He also had an arm mounted, air powered missile launcher permanently attached to his right arm, powered by yellow bellows.

Optimus Prime (Combat Hero) Additional Info

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