Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon)


Optimus Prime is a master strategist yet skilled warrior. His ultimate armor Jet Wing was made by N.E.S.T after the last war. For the diverse battlefield he takes, the Jet Wing can be detached rapidly.

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Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon) Toy Information

Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon) toy information.
Jetwing Optimus Prime
Release Status
Release Date November 2012 (2012)
Original Price $104.99
Size Class Supreme
Suggested Age 5+

Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime, Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version

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Amazon.com exclusive.

Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon) Parts Information

Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Red/Pink
Gun Grey/Silver
Wing Grey/Silver

Optimus Prime (Jetwing, Amazon) Additional Info

Numerous deco changes compared with the Japanese version, particularly on the guns and wings, which on the Japanese one were flat gray. Here the wings feature a version of the Generation 1 trailer stripes, which looks very sharp.

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