Optimus Prime (Leader)

Function: Autobot Commander

With the destruction of MEGATRON, OPTIMUS PRIME thought that he was finally, after millions of years, at peace. Little did he know that the escape of STARSCREAM would draw dozens of new DECEPTICONS to Earth. The desire that burns brightest in his Spark is that the war will soon end. He is determined to see that end come, and so he works with his human comrades and the other AUTOBOTS to hunt the DECEPTICONS that have come to Earth, and destroy them, one by one.

Tech Specs data for Optimus Prime (Leader)
Strength: 10Intelligence: 10
Speed: 7Endurance: 10
Rank: 10Courage: 10
Firepower: 10Skill: 9

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Optimus Prime (Leader) Toy Information

Optimus Prime (Leader) toy information.
Optimus Prime
Japanese Name Optimus Prime
ID # RA-01
Release Status
Release Date May 2009 (2009)
Wave Revenge of the Fallen Leader Wave 1
Original Price $44.88
Size Class Leader
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 83973
Product Number 89167
DPCI 087-06-0122

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Variants Info

Also available with a bonus Autobot Camshaft from the 2007 Movie line in an "extra value" package.

Additional Toy Info

Optimus Prime combines with Leader Class Jetfire to form "Power Up Optimus Prime".

Optimus Prime (Leader) Additional Info

Function revealed in a cross sell booklet included with Leader class Jetfire.

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