Prowl (Acura RSX)

Autobots, Alternators
Function: Military Strategist

As the leading Autobot to possess a logical evaluation ability, Prowl is able to immediately analyze and advise any situation no matter how complex it might seem. Because of this ability, he has become one of the most valuable resources in a world where history manipulation threats were exposed. Due to an unforeseen incident during his GT installation process, the “Laser Core”, the source of his life force, was lost in subspace. But thanks to the help of a courageous human named Chip Chase, a new life force was breathed in. Retaining all his prowess, profound devotion, gentle manners and his infinite endurance, Prowl prepares to guide the Autobots and their allies against the evil that conspires behind the temporary peace.

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Prowl (Acura RSX) Toy Information

Prowl (Acura RSX) toy information.
Japanese Name Prowl
ID # BT-15
Release Status
Release Date September 2005 (2005)
Wave Alternators Wave 14 (Assortment 1)
Original Price $19.99
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 81300, 81328
Product Number 81318, 81330
Per Case 1

Alternator Camshaft, BT-15 Prowl (Police version), BT-15 Prowl (Blue)

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Prowl (Acura RSX) Parts Information

Prowl (Acura RSX) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color White
Engine Grey/Silver
Gun Grey/Silver
Spear/Pole Red/Pink

Prowl (Acura RSX) Additional Info

Additional waves for this figure included 1 of Assortment 2.

Contributors: Smkscrn GT, Superquad7, translation by Doug Dlin Tony_Bacala

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