Function: Air Warrior

Has a rather meekly composed personality. He's proud of his body's tremendous strength and is almost never injured from impact.

Abilities: Mach 2.8 Flight Speed; Will not damage even if he collides with concrete

Weapons: Cluster bombs; Laser Rifle

Tech Specs data for Ramjet
Strength: 8Intelligence: 5
Speed: 9Endurance: 9
Rank: 5Courage: 8
Firepower: 7Skill: 6

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Ramjet Toy Information

Ramjet toy information.
ID # D-04
Release Status
Release Date July 2008 (2008)
Original Price ¥2,200

Henkei Dirge, Henkei Thrust, Classics Ramjet, Botcon 2007 Dirge, Botcon 2007 Thrust, Generations Thrust, Generations Dirge, Transformers Collectors Club Generation 2 Ramjet, Asia Exclusive Seeker Set Elite Ramjet

Filed Under Henkei Destrons
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Mold was also retooled to make Henkei Starscream, Henkei Thundercracker , Henkei Skywarp , Gentei Ghost Starscream , Classics Starscream , Universe 25th Anniversary Starscream , Classics Skywarp , Botcon 2007 Thundercracker and Universe Acid Storm.

Ramjet Parts Information

Ramjet parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color White
Missile Black
Missile Launcher Black

Ramjet Additional Info

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