There's not a lot to be said about Silverstreak that he hasn't already said himself. In fact, there's not a lot to be said about anything that he hasn't already said, because he never stops talking. Ever. He talks to his partners on guard duty, he talks during his charge cycles, when he's alone, he talks to himself. In battle, he chats with his opponents. Despite his formidable weaponry, Decepticons prefer not to fight him mostly because they get sick of talking to him.

Tech Specs data for Silverstreak
Strength: 6Intelligence: 6
Speed: 7Endurance: 9
Rank: 5Courage: 2
Firepower: 9Skill: 7

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Silverstreak Toy Information

Silverstreak toy information.
Japanese Name Streak
ID # C-10
Release Status
Release Date September 2008 (2008)
Wave Universe 2.0 Deluxe Wave 3
Original Price $9.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 83665
Product Number 83686
UPC 653569325215

Universe Prowl, Universe Smokescreen, Henkei Prowl, Henkei Smokescreen, Henkei Cybertron Streak, Botcon 2010 Streetstar, Botcon 2010 Rapido

Filed Under Universe Classics 2.0 Autobots
Additional Themes
Additional Toy Info

Silverstreak is a homage to Generation 1 Bluestreak.

Silverstreak Parts Information

Silverstreak parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Grey/Silver
Additional Part Info

1X Gun

Silverstreak Additional Info

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