No one trusts SKYFALL, and rightly so. If he proposes a toast to your health, it's probably because he poisoned your drink. He is a master spy, with connections throughout both the AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON armies. Rumors about him run rampant, and he does nothing to confirm or deny any of them. He enjoys the uncertainty and even fear with which the other DECEPTICONS regarding him. He is one of the few DECEPTICONS to enjoy solitary face-to-face meetings with MEGATRON, and yet he has been spotted openly walking through AUTOBOT bases as well.

Tech Specs data for Skyfall
Strength: 5Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8Endurance: 4
Rank: 5Courage: 4
Firepower: 7Skill: 7

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Skyfall Toy Information

Skyfall toy information.
Release Status
Release Date August 2009 (2009)
Wave Wal-Mart Exclusive Universe Ultra Assortment
Size Class Ultra
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 94025
Product Number 94028
UPC 653569449355
Per Case 1

Universe Silverbolt, Universe Darkwind, Henkei Silverbolt

Filed Under Universe Classics 2.0 Decepticons
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Skyfall Parts Information

Skyfall parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Black
Missile Red/Pink
Missile Launcher Black

Skyfall Additional Info

Color scheme is an homage to Skyjack, a Generation 2 Cyberjet.

Contributors: fosterlager, thenatureboywoo, Tim Formas Sol Fury

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