Function: Air Defence Soldier

On one hand, he is a peaceful scientist, who performs outer-space exploration, but on the other, he is also active in the Cybertron air force.

Abilities: Is able to escape the Earth's gravitational force via his Hydrogen Fuel Powered Double Jet Thrusters; Is able to put on his Battle Helmet, which provides 4 particle beams; In Super-Jet Mode, can go half-way around the world in 30 minutes.

Weapons: Photon Missile Launcher; Particle Beam; Heat-Seeking Missiles; Laser Cannon.

Tech Specs data for Skyfire
Strength: 6Intelligence: 10
Speed: 10Endurance: 5
Rank: 10Courage: 9
Firepower: 7Skill: 9

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Skyfire Toy Information

Skyfire toy information.
ID # C-06
Release Status
Release Date July 2008 (2008)
Original Price ¥3,500

Classics Jetfire, Universe Treadbolt, Botcon 2007 Dreadwind, Toy Hobby Gentei Dark Skyfire

Filed Under Henkei Cybertrons
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Skyfire Parts Information

Skyfire parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color White
Gun Black
Head White
Missile Clear
Missile Launcher Black

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