Slap Dash


Everything Slap Dash does, he does in a hurry. Not because he's fast - though he is - but more because he's lazy. Careful planning just isn't his thing. Unfortunately, Trenchmouth is not the sort of Decepticon you want to fight without some foresight. He may be a filthy, poorly tuned road hog, but he's also a smart, canny fighter.

Tech Specs data for Slap Dash
Strength: 4Intelligence: 4
Speed: 8Endurance: 6
Rank: 4Courage: 8
Firepower: 6Skill: 3

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Slap Dash Toy Information

Slap Dash toy information.
Slap Dash
Release Status
Release Date January 2010 (2010)
Wave Revenge of the Fallen Walmart Exclusive Scout Two-Pack Assortment
Multipack Name Revenge of the Fallen Windy City Chase
Original Price $16.00
Size Class Scout
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 94964
Product Number 97865

Revenge of the Fallen Dead End, Revenge of the Fallen Nightbeat

Filed Under ROTF Autobots
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Additional Toy Info

Sold in the Walmart exclusive Windy City Chase two-pack with TRENCHMOUTH.

Slap Dash Parts Information

Slap Dash parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Orange

Slap Dash Additional Info

The color scheme is a homage to Generation 1 Wheelie.

Contributors: tfctoys, The Arker, Tim Formas, TM2 D-bot Sol Fury

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