Smokescreen with Sky Claw


With Predacons dominating the skies, the Autobots need a vehicle that can strike where the enemy is strongest. The Sky Claw piloted by Smokescreen is the ultimate supersonic, stealth-striking spy jet!

Tech Specs data for Smokescreen with Sky Claw
Strength: 5Intelligence: 8
Speed: 8Endurance: 6
Rank: 7Courage: 9
Firepower: 7Skill: 8

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Smokescreen with Sky Claw Toy Information

Smokescreen with Sky Claw toy information.
Sky Claw, Smokescreen
Release Status
Release Date January 2013 (2013)
Wave Beast Hunters Cyberverse Vehicles Wave 1
Size Class Cyberverse Vehicle
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number A1975
Product Number A1977

Beast Hunters Cyberverse Smokescreen, Beast Hunters Cyberverse Prowl, Transformers Go! EG Smokescreen, Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Cyberverse Smokescreen, Beast Hunters Cyberverse Bluestreak

Filed Under TF Prime Cyberverse Autobots
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Smokescreen with Sky Claw Parts Information

Smokescreen with Sky Claw parts information.
Figure Type
Car, Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue
Missile Grey/Silver

Smokescreen with Sky Claw Additional Info

Deco is based on Alternators Smokescreen, right down to the number "7" on Smokescreen's doors! This deco would be featured in the Transformers Prime series, starting with the episode Project Predacon.

Contributors: AutobotMirage Sol Fury

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