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Soundwave is absolutely devoted to Megatron. He uses his ability to intercept any electronic transmission to ensure the supremacy of his leader, and the eventual victory of the Decepticons over the Autobots.

Tech Specs data for Soundwave with Laserbeak
Strength: 8Intelligence: 10
Speed: 6Endurance: 5
Rank: 8Courage: 4
Firepower: 6Skill: 9

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Soundwave with Laserbeak Toy Information

Soundwave with Laserbeak toy information.
Laserbeak, Soundwave
Japanese Name Soundwave
ID # AM-09
Release Status
Release Date January 2012 (2012)
Wave Prime Deluxe Wave 1
Original Price $11.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 37975
Product Number 37979
UPC 653569706557

Prime Japan Soundwave, Beast Hunters Soundwave, TF Go Hunter Soundwave, TCC2015 Advanced Stealth B.A.T.

Filed Under TF Prime Decepticons
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Additional Toy Info

Laserbeak drone toy can detach from chest as shown in the show, it can also attach to the figures back as wings, or the arm as a sword weapon.

Soundwave with Laserbeak Parts Information

Soundwave with Laserbeak parts information.
Figure Type
Bird, Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue

Soundwave with Laserbeak Additional Info

An alternate bio was posted for Soundwave on The Hub:

A stealth drone and the Decepticons' spy master, Soundwave has no face and doesn't say much. He just quietly finds information to use against the Autobots. He can tap into any transmission anywhere, except at the Autobots' secret base. Soundwave's far-reaching tentacles can snap through concrete, but his main tools are the tiny Deployers in his chest.

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