Starscream (Black)

Function: Captor, Tracker
"Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies"

After "Machine Wars", Starscream has changed his appearance yet again. His characteristic showiness is evident in the gorgeously coloured body. Starscream is very pleased with the new gold and black colour scheme, but he is by no means worried about getting scratches during battle; if anything, he is convinced that distinguishing himself in battle with this new body will impress others with his charisma and has no doubt it will be useful when he gains the control of (Destron) army. He has become more cunning than ever.

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Starscream (Black) Toy Information

Starscream (Black) toy information.
Starscream (Black Version)
ID # 22
Release Status
Release Date December 2001 (2001)
Original Price ¥7,500

Generation 1 Starscream, Generation 2 Starscream, Commemorative Series Starscream, Reissue Starscream, Transformers Collection Starscream, Encore Starscream, Ghost Starscream, Lucky Draw Secret Starscream

Filed Under E-Hobby & Other Destrons
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Sold in a set with Ghost Starscream through E-Hobby. (His bio was published in eHobby website.)

Starscream (Black) Parts Information

Starscream (Black) parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Black
Fist Black
Missile Black
Missile Launcher Grey/Silver
Wing Grey/Silver
Other Black

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