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Strafe Toy Information

Strafe toy information.
Rocketbot, Strafe
Release Status
Release Date August 2009 (2009)
Original Price ¥3,300

Universe Cyclonus, Henkei Cyclonus, Transformers Collectors Club Shattered Glass Cyclonus, Universe Challenge at Cybertron Cyclonus, Reveal the Shield Battle in Space Cyclonus, E-Hobby United Cyclonus, Botcon 2014 Ferak

Filed Under Henkei Cybertrons
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Strafe is an exclusive Cybertron warrior available only through the Japanese Transformers Base Camp site. To get access to the site, you first have to sign up for one of the two Transformers credit cards, which are only available to Japan residents.

Strafe Parts Information

Strafe parts information.
Figure Type
Plane/Spaceship, Yellow/Gold
Figure Color White
Gun Yellow/Gold

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