The Fallen

Function: Evil Warrior

For millennia, he has waited. Thousands of years have dragged by as he recruited proxies, one by one, to scour the cosmos for the artifact he required. Now he finds he must return to the primitive, flesh-slug infected planet on which his quest began. Nothing will stand in his way this time. If need be, he will scour the surface of this disgusting world clean in the fire of his rage, and search through the blasted rubble for that which he seeks.

Tech Specs data for The Fallen
Strength: InfinityIntelligence: 10
Speed: 10Endurance: Infinity
Rank: 10Courage: 10
Firepower: InfinitySkill: 10

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The Fallen Toy Information

The Fallen toy information.
The Fallen
Japanese Name The Fallen
ID # RD-10
Release Status
Release Date May 2009 (2009)
Wave Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Wave 2
Multipack Name Revenge of the Fallen Gathering at the Nemesis
Original Price $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 83972, 93420
Product Number 89881, 94683
UPC 653569416128, 653569449409
DPCI 087-06-0120

Revenge of the Fallen The Fallen (Burning), Winter Wonderfest 2010 The Fallen Blazing Edition, Hunt for the Decepticons / Autobot Alliance The Fallen

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Additional Toy Info

The Fallen, with the same paint deco, was also released at part of the Toys 'R Us exclusive Gathering at the Nemesis three-pack, along with a redeco Voyager-class Megatron (Movie 1) and redeco Deluxe-class Soundwave.

The Fallen Parts Information

The Fallen parts information.
Figure Type
Figure Color Green

The Fallen Additional Info

Function revealed in a cross sell booklet included with Leader class Jetfire.

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