Wheeljack with Star Hammer


Wheeljack works alone, not because he prefers solitude but because the missions he takes on are just too tough for most other Autobots. All he needs is his trusty Star Hammer starship, his swords, and enough Energon to keep him moving.

Tech Specs data for Wheeljack with Star Hammer
Strength: 8Intelligence: 6
Speed: 6Endurance: 7
Rank: 6Courage: 9
Firepower: 8Skill: 9

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Wheeljack with Star Hammer Toy Information

Wheeljack with Star Hammer toy information.
Star Hammer, Wheeljack
Japanese Name Spaceship, Wheeljack
ID # EZ-10
Release Status
Release Date June 2012 (2012)
Wave Prime Cyberverse Vehicles Wave 1
Original Price $19.99
Size Class Cyberverse Vehicle
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment Number 38003
Product Number 38001

Prime Japan EZ Collection Wheeljack with Spaceship, Prime Cyberverse Wheeljack

Filed Under TF Prime Cyberverse Autobots
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Additional Toy Info

Transformers Prime's Wheeljack appears to come with his spaceship, according to the first public exhibition of the vehicle at the New York Comic Con 2011.

Wheeljack with Star Hammer Parts Information

Wheeljack with Star Hammer parts information.
Figure Type
Car, Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Grey/Silver, White
Missile Yellow/Gold
Sword Blue

Wheeljack with Star Hammer Additional Info

The ship is referred to as the "Jackhammer" in the show.

The Starhammer / Jackhammer design is also used, with different colors, for other Autobot ships in the series, such as the one belonging to the Wrecker Sea Spray.

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